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spank sharing

SPANKALICIOUS, Cincinnati, OH. likes · talking about this. [email protected] 29 Aug Improbable as it sounds, Carly Simon banishes crippling stage fright by getting her band to spank her. Pop stars have all kinds of pre-show rituals, writes Caroline Sullivan, but is this the most outlandish one?. “You are not so spoiled now, Mother,” Beth Ann states smiling. “I found out being spoiled isn't sucha nice way tobe. Being spoiled caused me to lie, cheat and treat others with disrespect and in the end my pride took a heavy toll on my bottom.” Elizabeth explains giggling. “Papa spanked me hard that first time, too.


We Tried Spank Therapy “You have no patience, do you?” Cedric chided her, then he landed a light swat on her bottom, and Elspeth frowned. “Is that the best you can do? You want harder. Much harder.” She threw down the challenge, wondering if he would dare to take it. The next time he spanked her, his hand landed on her bottom hard enough. 16 Feb I share some great tips on how to spank your children, why we do it, the impact it's had on our kids and what the Bible says about it. Image may contain: one or more people, meme, text and outdoor. Image may contain: 1 person. Image may contain: 3 people. See All. Videos. 6/19/ warm up b4 the people Chelsea Restaurant. 9. 3. Performing "Shake, Rattle and Roll" originally quoted by Big Joe Turner. Sharing lead is Reg and Scout Ford.

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All we can spank sharing is the instruction God gives us on various issues in parenting and leave the rest in His hands because, they really are His anyways. This was a very brave post! From "60 Minutes" The problem with prescription drug prices. I was spanked as a child… turned out pretty well! When done Gods way scripture is at the center of it all! Definitely more in the toddler years where the pretty mallu tends to be way higher than other ages. spank sharing

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